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Steve Climpson has been a professional photographer for nearly 30 years. In that time he has worked for a large spread of clients both large and small. multinational corporations to one man bands.

I was first drawn to photography in the early 70's through my love of mountains. I was living in the Canadian Rockies at the time and wanted to record the things around me.

Photography became a passion and I soon learnt to print black & white then colour in the darkroom. Back in the UK I attended art college and afterwards became a freelance commercial photographer shooting everything from cars to jewellery.
Of course, I still took photographs for pleasure but rarely carried a camera around whilst not working - Busman's holiday, etc. I've not really carried a camera in the mountains much. I preferred to have both eyes open!

But you know the story. You start with a passion for what you have chosen to do and you actually succeed in doing it. After a few years, reality bites and you lose that first passion. However I've always been very committed and excited about my professional photography and the challenges and rewards it brings but my own personal work suffered. After a typical 70 hour week the last thing I wanted to do is to pick up a camera!

In the last few years I've become interested in my own photography again, mostly shooting locally and often in black and white.
I now shoot quite a few panoramic photographs, I like the letterbox view and believe it's close to what I see with both eyes - long and thin. I also love shooting in the square format as again I believe it's close to what I see with one eye. Maybe it's years of commercial shooting with a square format Hasselblad.

I try to photograph with meaning. For instance the image of the bluebell wood is about the delicate colours of the flowers and not the trees. I've spent my entire commercial career shooting to tight briefs but now I can suit myself.

I hope that you enjoy the images.

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Scottish stone

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