360 degree Panoramas

Ever since the technology became available I've been interested in 360 degree photography.
Basically a 360 panorama is a series of photographs carefully shot and then 'stitched' together using specialist computer software. To do it properly requires skill and precision and, if you are lighting something, a great deal of planning and lighting knowledge.
For the car shots the camera had to be lined up using lasers to achieve pinpoint accuracy. Then each of the 18 shots were individually lit and great attention paid to the uniformity and the lighting aesthetics of each shot. It was not easy!

The problem has always been the delivery media. This has been a real problem for virtual tours. They used to be on CD but that relied on clients computers being up to the job. With the advent of high speed internet and Flash software the technology has finally come of age.

It's possible to make a 360 x 180 degree panorama where not only can you can scroll around but look under and over the viewpoint - see the car panoramas.

360 Panos can be made to go fullscreen quickly and easily but, for the sake of the viewer, I have not done that here.

Just move the mouse around the photograph.
Click on the pictures on the right to see each panorama.
This will then open in a separate window.
Scottish stone
Scottish stone
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Scottish stone

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